LETO is your better garbage solution. So good you’ll almost forget you’re taking out the trash! LETO helps to eliminate the ick factor of managing household trash. Never get your hands dirty with trash again. The LETO trash system pairs a standard trash can that has been improved by the addition of an easy bag sealer, bag hooks, overfill indicator, and a dirt-resistant finish with a convenient subscription of garbage bags with a springy elasticized rim.

Enjoy a 6 month-subscription of custom LETO bags, delivered straight to your front door, as part of the purchase price of your new LETO can.



Easy bag sealer on the front of the LETO can allows you to close the bag without dirtying your hands or having to struggle to wrangle messy bag straps.

Overfill Indicator

The subtle two-tone styling of the garbage can doubles as an indicator that tells you when it’s time to take the trash out so that you can avoid the mess that comes with overfilling the bag.

Premium Materials

The faux-metal finish with dirt repellent coating provides the look, feel, and functionality of metal at a more affordable price.

The convenient tissue-box style dispenser provides easy access to the next bag when it’s time to replace the bag. Hooks around the inner rim of the can provide an easy way to make sure that the bag doesn’t fall down.

Dispenser of Refill Bags and Hooks for Bags


Made with high quality, yet affordable materials LETO provides an attractive, affordable way to manage household trash. LETO offers a sleek metal look at half the cost of competitor garbage cans.


Bonnie Jiang

BFA 2019


Research & Industrial Design

Sho Kawabe

MBA 2019



Jingyu Li

MSI 2019


Product Design

Megan Nesbeth

MBA 2019


Research & Strategy



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